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About Us

A world-class law firm that has excelled in multiple legal areas of expertise over the past 27 years, Pather & Pather is recognised as one of South Africa’s most innovative law firms. Offering our services throughout South Africa, we are a proudly 100% black-owned enterprise and Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

The firm’s team of legal professionals comprises a wealth of legal experience in excess of 200 years, including seasoned judicial officers, senior attorneys and associates who have practised with some of South Africa’s largest law firms.

A distinguishing attribute of the firm is its world-class corporate structure and adaptability, enabling it to provide tailored legal solutions to its clients’ complex and often dynamic challenges. Our investment in global relationships, technology, a diverse workforce and our driven focus on continuous learning and development has made us the firm of choice for a wide range of clientèle.

Keeping At The Forefront Of Technology

Our firm prides itself on being at the forefront of technology and IT infrastructure.

Our servers are held off-site and are protected by the latest firewalls and anti-virus software. We engage in electronic meetings, mostly by way of MS Teams, but also use other technologies such as Zoom, Google Meets and Skype. This has become extremely pertinent when faced with community-wide health challenges (such as Covid-19).

Keeping at the forefront of technology, our modern, easy-to-navigate website and commitment to social media communication has set us ahead in many aspects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Pather & Pather takes its corporate social responsibility extremely seriously. The firm is driven to empower young, black South Africans and be an advocate for change, as well as a proud sponsor of gender equality and gender empowerment initiatives.

We are involved in various, regular social outreach projects. Ensuring that we empower previously disadvantaged groups within the realms of the legal industry, the firm has and continues to provide bursaries and employment opportunities to previously disadvantaged persons (this is not limited to legal studies, but extends to other degrees and training programmes).

Core Principles

The core principles that form our overall approach and strategy are: 

Understanding the personal experiences and needs of our clients.

Providing holistic and all-embracing solutions to legal issues.

Understanding the nature of our clients’ businesses, their industry sector operations (the `directors of our firm often sit in a non-executive and advisory capacity on the boards and committees of our corporate clients).

Working collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we add value. We have become known for putting together systems to assist our clients in addressing their legal challenges and navigate the legal and compliance risks encountered in the ordinary course.

The principles of skills-transfer motivates our team leaders to place a high emphasis on the continuous training and development of our staff.


The firm has always been, and continues to be, a predominantly black-owned and run enterprise.

We also give effect to B-BBEE standards by employing service providers and independent contractors who fall within the category of historically disadvantaged persons.

Skills Development

At Pather and Pather, we offer modernised, integrated and dependable advice in support of our clients’ strategic and operational needs. We understand that each client has unique needs, and we are geared to assist our clients, with their individual requirements by way of our specialised and tailored services.

 To ensure that our clients always receive the best and most contemporary advice, we offer training sessions throughout the year for all staff members covering various legal and regulatory issues, industry sector trends and developments.

We strive to ensure that each and every staff member is given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skillset as we believe our employees are the most valuable assets in our firm.

 Through these initiatives, we are able to stay abreast with the latest legal trends and provide our clients with the best possible solution.

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