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Pather & Pather Attorneys offers a variety of Distinguished Commercial Legal Services

Commercial and Corporate Law

Commercial law is an assemblage of law that applies to the conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commercial merchandising, trade and sales.

We recognise that in an intricate global market, sound and legitimate
decision making is essential to long term prosperity.

Pather & Pather Attorneys offers a variety of distinguished commercial legal services to multinationals, listed companies, financial institutions and entrepreneurs.

These include but are not limited to:

• Management buyouts
• Business trusts, partnerships and joint ventures
• Franchising, licensing and royalty agreements
• Share issues and listings on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
• Lease transactions, including financial leases
• Product liability
• Trade agreements
• Investments, both local and offshore
• Import and export transactions
• Debt restructuring
• Private equity

Other Services

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