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Our approach to Family Law is to ensure the Best Interests of Children are served

Family Law

Our firm has vast experience in all aspects of Family law, which covers the scope of Divorce, Maintenance, Custody, Guardianship, Paternity, Child Protection, Domestic Violence, Elder Law, Incapacity, Co-habitation and Family Trusts.

Our approach to Family Law is to ensure the best interests of children are served, in a way that causes the least emotional and financial detriment to the parties involved.

We also consult regularly with the Family Advocate’s Office, mediators and psychologists to facilitate the most amicable and sensible outcome.

Our mission and vision is inter alia to identify, discuss and provide practical solutions to the problems practitioners ordinarily face in practice, in order to initiate and promote reforms and improvements in the branch of Family Law, the administration of justice, the practice of Family Law and in
drafting Family Law legislation.

While our attorneys may be tough and strategic litigators, we strive to bring about a particular warmth and empathy into every attorney-client relationship.