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Practical Planning and administration services for Individuals and Families

Wills, Estates, Trusts and Planning

In our fiduciary division the focus is on estate planning, solution-driven tax advice, drafting of wills, the administration of estates and the provision of industry leading online and face-to-face trust administration services.

We provide a full range of practical planning and administration services for individuals and families who are looking to preserve their wealth and minimise tax implications. We also clarify the best practices for charitable giving, care of minors, the elderly and the incapacitated.

The trust administration process in this department offers clients secure access to their trust documents through a web-based platform. This allows clients who desire to be involved in the daily administration of their estate.

Clients are also able to take advantage of our advanced electronic signature platform for the signing of resolutions and tax returns, loss of support in the case of a breadwinner dying and so-called general damages.


• Estate planning
• Setting up family and testamentary trusts
• Setting up business trusts
• Setting up charitable trusts with PBO and NPO compliance
• Trust administration and curatorships
• Deceased estate administration
• Drafting wills
• Liaising with the master of the high court
• Tax opinions
• Tax dispute resolution
• Advanced web-based access to documents
• Electronic signing facility

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